Take A Look At Your “Doppelgänger” with Early Grey

Letting the melody stand proud above all else, Moscow’s Early Grey have committed themselves to top tier musicianship. Early Grey combines bold, rock guitar riffs and drums with intricate, beautiful melodies and lyrics to stand out among the rest since 2016. 2020 has lead the band to tell a story with their latest album titled Doppelgänger.

Doppelgänger gives listeners a satirical look at humans biggest flaws and fears. Inspired by various television shows and real life experiences, this album is a culmination of 15 years worth of Early Grey. Tackling religion, loneliness, and social networking among other meaningful topics, Early Grey does not shy away from being real with listeners.

“You’re Going To Love It” introduces the album and gives new listeners a chance to preview the rock that is to come. Then “Pleasant Letter” rages in with mean guitar riffs and powerful vocals. Based on a story of a soccer player and ref at odd’s this track is all about unadulterated hate and Early Grey translates that perfectly. This song clocks in at over 5 minutes long which is a bit long for my taste, but I don’t mind it in this track because let’s be honest, sometimes it feels good to bask in anger.

Listen to Doppelgänger below

The rest of Doppelgänger continues with that tenacity, giving you nothing short of a high-octane thrill. With a world so grey and doomed most days, listening to this album was a breath of fresh air. Early Grey channeled the experience of modern life within these eleven tracks and paired it to music that rocks.

“Idol For A Day” gives a raw look at the vanity and despair involved with social networking online. The track is unashamedly catchy as all hell and the guitar work leaves you grooving alongside it the whole time. Doppelgänger continues to grow and build, each song offering a new look at something different. The title track to the album stands out from the rest of the album, with a slightly more ethereal feel behind the rock. “Doppelgänger” tells a captivating story of a young boy who summons a defender to protect him from a cruel world but in turn becomes his master.

The album closes with an instrumental number, “Journey” further showcasing how diverse Early Grey’s talents are. Intricate acoustic guitar captivates your attention as the song opens, building you up across the first two and a half minutes. Drums are added in at the peak of the song and help finishing painting the picture. “Journey” is the perfect ending to the album because it’s a song that feels lighter and more hopeful than the rest.

All in all, Early Grey was able to make an emotive and energetic album that will leave any rock fan thrilled. Doppelgänger is an album you need to be sure to check out before the year is up.

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