Doug Cash is There ‘When Mona Lisa Cries’

Doug Cash

Just like any skill, writing music takes time. Repetition is needed to get better and better. A songwriter must be willing to keep writing song after song to develop the talent. Our recent find Doug Cash has put in the work and is now releasing new music onto the world that is well worth the wait.

The singer, songwriter, musician, arranger, producer, and performer has been heavily enamored by music for quite a long time. Doug Cash (aka DC Pryor), has been feeling the power of music since his toddler days. Raised on the Big Band sounds of Count Basie and Duke Ellington as well as the Bebop of Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie laid a solid groundwork for a working musician. Other influences crept in from such luminaries as Sly & the Family Stone, The Beatles, and James Brown.

This wide variety of tastes gave Doug Cash the energy to churn out a varied library of songs. After spending 15 years in the studio building an impressive publishing catalog as President of Pryor 2 What ? Records.  He now wants to reach more fans with his newest releases.

The latest offering by Doug Cash is “When Mona Lisa Cries.” It is a heartfelt track that blends elements of country, blues, and funk to create something unique. The deep guitar tone lets the song creep deep into your soul. The lyrical delivery continues that path as Doug’s effort drips with emotion and possible pain. Everything comes together for a high quality song that is relatable and strong. 

Keep up with more from Doug Cash on his ReverbNation page.

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