Doug Ferony Spreads Love With ‘I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face’

Doug Ferony

When the gift of musical talent is given, you must pursue it. When passion coincides, a long successful career can be achieved. Doug Ferony was given the musical gift and has been spreading it with the world for decades now.

The singer and songwriter was grabbed by the music bug at a young age. Doug Ferony remembers his parents playing Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, Tony Bennett and Dean Martin records around the house. Playing drums was his first love, but by the time Doug reached High School, he knew singing was for him. His love for the classics is still strong and he fashions a sound that would fit in well 60 years ago. 

Get Romanced by Doug Ferony

The latest single by Doug Ferony is the phenomenal “I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face.” The smooth Jazz arrangement eases us back to a simpler time. The quartet of piano, drums, bass, and saxophone lays the groundwork for a timeless classic. The vocals are soothing and romantic as they are delivered with elegant beauty. The way Doug Ferony uses rises and falls in his voice captures the listener perfectly. Beautiful song to relax with.

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