Music often takes a long winding road to come to fruition but when a person has music in their soul it will always find its way out to the world.  Life will sometimes lead you in different directions but fate will step in if something is meant to happen.  Well it seems to have happened with our recent find Dr. Dance.

The man with the life long dream to be a musician is known in everyday life as Dr. Bruce Topper, a practicing radiologist for the past 20 years.  He always played and wrote music leisurely as a hobby with the idea of producing danceable music that would get people up and moving.  It was more than just music but truly a crusade to bring awareness to obesity and childhood diabetes.  Fate stepped in at a Las Vegas party when Dr Topper announced he was looking for a musician in the crowd to help him fulfill his lifelong dream of creating original music.  Out stepped Skip Martin, former lead singer of Kool & The Gang and The Dazz Band.  The duo immediatley clicked and started releasing music under the name Dr. Dance.

The first single released by Dr. Dance is “Can You Whine”.  The song is a reggae style party that seems to jump off the record.  The additional talents of Prince Ama and Galaxxy Queen were brought in to expand the song’s reach.  If this track doesn’t get you moving it may be time to have your ears checked.  Enjoy it for yourself below:



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  1. A mad bastard

    I Love the “Dr Dance Project” and what they are doing for the children