Dru Cutler Embraces Nostalgia By The “Oceanside”

Dru Cutler

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Dru Cutler is back, after the successful release of his debut album, with a new single, entitled “Oceanside.”

Driven by nostalgia, this track is about the haunting memories of someone Cutler used to know. In a time of vulnerability, the ocean provides solace.

The passion and grit of the song is at its strongest in its lyrics.

“There’s a wave in my heart and it’s saying goodbye/I don’t care if it’s broken. . . I need the waves of the ocean”

These words are followed by an instrumental interlude, set into motion by an developing acoustic guitar line. The musical movement and growth mirrors Cutler’s vulnerability and healing as the song continues.

Mentions of the election and politics in “Oceanside” ground the song to the current world, giving the track a new level of depth and impact.

Dru Cutler Reimagines Leonard Cohen Classic

The B-Side to “Oceanside” is Dru Cutler’s reworking of Leonard Cohen’s song “Dance Me to the End of Love.”

Cutler’s unique spin on the classic waltz gives it a modern flair and brings it into the present day, both in sound and social relevance.

According to Cutler, this new version of “Dance Me to the End of Love” is “a more modern dancehall piece, dirtier in the club while doing shots of whiskey.”

Cutler’s baritone voice has a sultry quality, and the waltz is relaxed and far from rushed. The song is dark and intriguing as Cutler sings about dancing through the fear and finding a feeling of safety.

What drew Cutler to cover this song, other than his similar vocal range to Cohen, was its applicability to the confusing and intense time of change in America, both politically and socially.

“Dance Me to the End of Love” weaves the idea of finding comfort and support in the darkness and turmoil of the world, a thought that has only become more appealing in recent times.

Dru Cutler has released “Oceanside” and its B-side in anticipation of his second full-length album, entitled Bring Closer the Distance. 

Aiming for honesty and vulnerability, Cutler has written songs that explore his personal relationships and life experiences in a well-polished musical setting.

If “Oceanside” is anything to go by, Bring Closer the Distance is sure to be engaging, both lyrically and musically.

Visit Dru Cutler’s website to preview these two songs and find out more information.