’90s Rock Makes an Easy Comeback


Armed with a sick album name and even better tunes, Easy’s new release is a solid one from the Swedish rockers.

The Feats of a Swedish Band 20 Years in the Making

A Heartbeat From Eternity is a feat among many. A band for 20 years, this record proves they still have their groove. Especially good news or ’90s rock fans, the entire record is extremely familiar. Songs like leading single “Ask the Sky” and “For Beauty” cater to the tastes of late ’90s alternative fans, from the vocals to the way instrumentals carry throughout.

“Swimming With the Beast” is my favorite track for a number of reasons. First, it reminds me of the Modern English hit “I’ll Stop the World and Melt With You.” Second, it dispels the mid-album curse of falling flat with no pickup.

A Change of Tone, Pace, and Structure

In fact, the album completely changes for its second half. “Song To Remember” is exactly that. Taking the album from smooth rock to psychedelic indie rock, this song is a diverse one. The rhythmic and bass guitars especially prominent with their notions — and the twangy vocals have a harshness to them that jabs softly at the synth.

Another gem and nod to psych rock, “A Picture (I Got Mine)” relies less on instruments for its impact, opting for vocals. Showing the range of Easy’s talent was insightful for the build of this album, making for an entertaining listen.

Why Easy Made a Difference

Sometimes great albums don’t need to be sonically cohesive. A Heartbeat From Eternity is a collection of songs that don’t flow into each other but are individually impactful. Every song can be replayed to its own accord and answer to a variety of moods. This is a record you can’t forget which song you’re listening to because they’re all so different.