Another thing that makes music amazing to me is its ability to cross boundaries and relate to people no matter where they are from.  The language barrier is nothing when the sounds are poured out.  I speak very little Spanish but recently came across some great music from E-D-C aka Diamante that transcended that liability.


The hip hop artist that also is known as E-D-MC76 hails from Columbia.  Although the lyrics are tough for me to understand the power of the music shines through.  He has taken the hip hop basics and formed his own original sound that can touch lovers of all musical genres.

On his track “Es Una Realidad” E-D uses a slowed down melody with a big beat to show off his lyrical talents.  The words come fast and furious creating an energy that can be felt through the speakers.  Some excellent scratching techniques open the track “The Love Spring” as sounds seem to come in from all angles to piece together a wall of noise for E-D-C aka Diamante to hit you with throughout the mix.  His music has a way of being romantic yet powerful in its melodic attack on the senses.  Get a listen to some of his music at: 


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