Music can be a savior,  Much of the greatest musicians seem to arise out of neighborhoods and situations that are not too desirable.  Maybe it is this struggle that pushes the motivation or stirs up the creativity but when these artists choose to use it for good great things can happen.  The story of The Real Chit Chat strengthens this belief.

The Real Chit Chat

The rapper born as Agonie Price hails from the not so friendly streets of Detroit, Michigan and has aimed to keep it real from the first day he entered the music game.  This hard upbringing and the musical influences of artists like Ice Cube, 2Pac, and Nas were the basis for his original sound.  The lyrical talents were evident right from the start and breaks were starting to come Chit Chat’s way.  He hooked up with Krayzie Bone and his record label Thugline Records but then had a run in with the law resulting in a short jail stay.  Krazie Bone believed in the rising talent so much that he ended up bailing him out and encouraging him to never quit on his music dreams.  This truly lit a fire under The Real Chit Chat and he has not had a moment of rest since devoting every waking moment to the development of his craft.

The most recent result of this hard work is his Redrumville Mixtape.  The 19 track record dives deep to expose the lyrical and musical talent of The Real Chit Chat.  On “Power” the mellow beat lets the focus be on the impressive flow and the power that Chit Chat has with words.  There is a great experimental melody on “Psychik”.  The sounds will keep your attention focused to what is happening here.  Some speedy flow is shared on “U Party”.  The lyrics are not afraid to tell it like it is and share what is burning in the brain of the artist.  Your head will be bopping along to this one uncontrollably.  The additional talents of California artist Yukmouth are welcomed in on “Rocket”.  The influence is felt and helps the track move along with an energetic yet laid back feel.  The relaxed and mellow open of “Damn!” shows a softer side to The Real Chit Chat as he spills lyrics about a lover or ten.  This track will draw in even more honeys.  Come get a listen for yourself at:

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