When a group of musicians get together to form a band and write music a bond is born.  Many things may happen as time passes but this bond never truly breaks.  There may even be times when the band members drift far apart but this bond will once in awhile draw them back together for more.  That seems to be the case with the band Silent Old Mtns.

Silent Old Mtns performing

The indie rock band formed in Frederick, Maryland back in 2011 when singer/songwriter Andrew Bromhal was looking for an outlet for his songs.  The band grew to a full five-piece including a spoken word aspect by Samuel Whalen.  The went at it full force averaging over 100 live shows a year without any corporate backing.  Even with all this going right, the band broke up suddenly towards the end of 2013.  No real reason was given.  In the summer of 2015 the Frederick News Post sponsored a show in the downtown area at an old printing warehouse convincing Silent Old Mtns to perform.  It seems like the flame rekindled instantly and the guys fell in love with playing music together again.  

Last month Flying Dog Brewery put out a compilation album of local Frederick bands and included a new recording by Silent Old Mtns titled “Trenches”.  The song brings back the imaginative Americana folk sound of the band fueled with emotion.  Every note seems to have a purpose in creating a deep atmospheric sonic space.  The energetic buildup will draw in any listener.  Have a listen and dive into Silent Old Mtns at: http://silentoldmtns.tumblr.com/ 

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