All music is meant to create emotions in the listener’s mind.  This does not require the use of lyrics to tell a story.  A true musician can relay these feelings with the use of sounds in their own unique way.  Our latest find The Light Dreams takes this to a higher level.

Light Dreams

The musical project is the brainchild of the artist Alex Storer.  His instrumental techniques create atmospheric sounds and beats that provoke thought without attacking the ears.  Throughout this 8 year career 10 albums were released to an ever growing fanbase.  The Light Dreams music was picked up by the people at the Initiative for Interstellar Studies and was selected as the soundtrack for the group.  

Last week was the release of the latest album Timeshift.  The ten track record takes the listener on a journey through life’s experiences from daybreak through to eventide, as the song titles allude to.    Songs such as “Where Next?” build up to a full sonic assault with dark sounds approaching from all angles.  As you reach “Terminal Velocity” the fast paced beat drives forward as jarring sounds keep you out of a full trance.  Perfect effect of the track.  There is need for songs like “Demesne” and its subtle relaxed tone to settle down the wild adventure that is this record.  By the time you reach the closer “Eventide” your mind has gone on quite the journey of exploration.  This is an album to listen to from start to finish.  Take a listen here: 

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