In the current crowded independent music world an artist must make themselves stand out from the masses.  This is even more important in a hub of the music industry such as NYC, LA, or Austin where the competition is massive.  Our recent find Jean Synodinos has found a way to do just that.

Jean Synodinos

The singer-songwriter from Austin, Texas is the owner of an imaginative sound palette and a voice that draws in fans with its grace and grit.  Jean has a way of creating emotion in her songs that captures attention without the need for loud abrasive noise.  Being a selfless person she is known for her work with Jail Guitar Doors, which brings guitar and songwriting classes each week to incarcerated women at the Travis County Correctional Complex.  The hope created is infectious and builds a confidence in the songs of Jean Synodinos that is very evident.

Her latest album called “Love And Blood” is a full multimedia digital release available exclusively at  Straight from the opener “End Of The World” a tone is set that you are in for a deep and meaningful listen.  There is a beautiful piano melody provided on “Mercy Mercy” that pairs well with the sultry yet fiery vocal style of Jean Synodinos.  The Jazz influence is strong mixed with some elegant blues.  There is a full emotional picture painted in the atmospheric sounds of “Forgive Him For His Sins”.  This seems to be a song that hits close to her heart as she sings it with a raw feeling that is truly relatable to the listener.  The album closes with “Real Renegade”.  It is a beautiful song that has an uplifting vibe that leaves the listener with a sense of hope and inspiration for good.  Go enter the full audio visual experience for yourself at: 


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