It is my strong belief that fate plays a major role in music.  For musicians to live different lives in different parts of the country only to come together and form one cohesive musical entity is fascinating.  The paths that cross must be determined by something powerful.  This seems to be the case with our recent find Rome Will Burn.

Rome Will Burn

The imaginative music project consists of Alyssa Suede, singer-songwriter and Carlton Moody (aka Manifesto), international DJ, producer and violin virtuoso.  Together they produce an electronic-pop sound that challenges the genre to enter new territory.  Elements of classical and folk enter into the dance-pop base to create something truly original.  The duo grew up on opposite sides of the U.S. but their lives streamed parallel it seems as Manifesto was an aggressive rollerblade competitor in Virginia while Suede trained as an Olympic figure skater in Los Angeles.  Different but similar at the same time.  After meeting in Washington, DC the seed was planted for a collaboration that could enter the electro-pop world without losing the complexity of true musicianship.  Rome Will Burn prides themselves on leaving out the “smoke, mirrors, and auto-tune” in their music focusing on real professionalism.  

Recently the group released their Chameleon EP to showcase their latest tracks to the world.  The opening title track “Chameleon” sets the tone for something different right from the start with its catchy pop chorus paired with attacking violin and bombastic blasts to wake up any listener.  An impressive music video accompanies the song.  Watch it here:


Rome Will Burn slows it down with the pop-ballad “These Three Words” showing true emotional songwriting that shares feelings with an anthem/arena type sound.  Big music for a duo.  The dance floor banger “Live By The Beat” is ready to takeover any club that hears it.  Rome Will Burn keeps it original with fresh sounds accompanying the fast moving beat.  The innovation moves forward with “Body Language” bringing in classic synth sounds to a wild mix that has pieces of funk, soul, and 80’s dance sprinkled in to form a complete package among the wall of sound.  When you are ready for the next big thing in electro-pop enter their world at: 

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