There are many people out there, like me, that do not limit themselves to only one genre in their music listening experience.  Having an open mind to multiple styles opens up new doors and inspiration to those that take it all in.  Other musicians that do this can take pieces they admire of all these genres and combine them to make their own original sound.  A good example is our recent find Lakotah.

The artist now based in Los Angeles, California has lived and gained inspiration in some of the biggest music markets such as New York, Seattle, and London.  Her sound is described as Alternative-Electro-Rock-EDM.  Lakotah is a prolific songwriter with a song catalog that includes over 200 compositions, many that have been used in motion pictures and television.  Her skills do not end at songwriting though as she also does her own programming/sequencing, producing, and plays many instruments.  

A full length album entitled The Maker has recently been released to give the world a taste of what Lakotah has become.  The opening title track “The Maker” sets the tone for a wild ride with an exotic sound incorporating an experimental beat that can go in any direction.  Lakotah’s strong vocals come to light on “Heaven’s Own”.  The dark vibe of the song creeps along in minor keys as the lyrics push forward in an emotional wave.  Enjoy the music video for the song here:

The dance floor must get ready for “I Feel Your Body”.  This is not standard EDM music but instead creates an interesting ride to fully immerse the listener into the music.  The story telling talent is seen on “Amazing Man” in an almost spoken word type of vocal delivery with random sounds echoing in the background.  There is much to hear here.  The piano lead of “Nova’s Song” creates a perfect balance for the almost ballad style of the track.  The vocals stand out again here.  There is an abundance of emotion throughout the album.  Go take a stroll into Lakotah’s world at: 

You can find the record on iTunes at: 

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