Earth To Abigail Take Us To ‘The Forest’

The pandemic gifted everyone an uncomfortable amount of time to sit inside in our thoughts. It left many of us with a lot of feelings and realizations to sort through. Musicians took that time to create in times where inspiration and hope was at an all time low. Some turned to experimenting with new sounds and styles. Earth to Abigail saw the isolation and looked to find ways to connect with the outside world. The result is a landscape of sounds from nature combining to create some truly harmonious music with their EP The Forest.

Mynah Marie, the creator of Earth to Abigail, experienced a moment of divine intervention while writing the title track to the EP. “The Forest” seemingly flowed through their fingertips and brain without a second thought after a magical experience the night prior. The story of that track can really be felt throughout this EP. There’s just a little glimpse of magic within it’s three captivating tracks.

Listen to The Forest below

Through their years of living as a nomad and experiencing the world in so many different ways, Mynah has harvested the ability to create something wholly unique in Earth to Abigail. The Forest is a prime example of that. Each track has it’s own life-force, with nature pulsating through the soundscape Mynah has created.

The title track is one of the more magical tracks on the EP. It has this atmospheric, other-worldly sound that is completely entrancing. Listening through was like taking a tranquil trip into outer space. There’s an escape offered in each track of The Forest, making it a special listen.

Mynah is always learning and growing, leaving endless possibilities ahead for Earth to Abigail. Don’t miss out on the journey!

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