Echoglass Returns To Tell Us All About ‘Little Harwood’


Our friends from Blackburn, Lancashire are back with more music and videos. The fun rock band Echoglass has a couple new tunes to share and sat down with us again to let us into the backstory of their growth and latest songs.

The newest song “Little Harwood” is a fun raw rock song that shares memories of a fun childhood and the friends that helps make it so memorable. The grinding guitars build up a buzz that lets the multiple vocal tracks draw in the listener to the story. Echoglass goes in a different direction with “Drowning.” Here they slow it down to tackle the big issue of depression. The emotions are obvious as the band pours their heart and soul into the music.


Glad to catch up with you guys again. Looks like the music has been developing nicely. What are you up to now?

We’ve spent some quality time in the studio. That’s our obsession. Jamming and seeing what evolves. Pulling on the thread of an idea and seeing what emerges. We love the creative process…… frustrating as it may sometimes be! Unusually we enjoy studio creation more than gigging.


The Echoglass sound goes in many directions. How did this eclectic sound come to develop?

I think it comes from growing up and being exposed to so much amazing music. As kids most of us would spend hours in shops pouring over old vinyl, looking for those gems in the bargain rack that we could afford and was different. Growing up in the North West of England you felt a real kinship with those bands that came from Manchester and Liverpool. Bands like New Order, James, Happy Mondays, Teardrop Explodes…..They were big influences. We also loved the old Motown sound. And never far away would be artists like Otis Redding, Howlin Wolf, The Who, Rolling Stones. These were regulars on our turntables. You can’t help but be deeply influenced by these legends and their amazing music. For Bam and Remmy it was similar. The sounds of Philly are renowned, and spending their days sneaking into concerts, clubs or stalking the record shops for a gem was not unusual.


Where did you guys grow up? How did this influence your music?

Different places. D.A. grew up in the North West of England. Typical scrappy street urchin! Blackburn Rovers on a Saturday, LaCoste Tshirts, Sergio Tacccini tracksuits, Adidas trainers (sneakers). Underage visits to the local pub.

Bam and Remmy grew up in Philly. Not too dissimilar an upbringing, but the sport de riguer was led by the Eagles or the Phillies. Scamming anyone who would fall for it, to get a dollar for some records or a sneaky Budweiser. Not a glamorous life by any means. But a life that helped you learn about whats important and to value and appreciate what you have. As well as building some grit and determination that kept you going when things were bleak.

Bo wasn’t born. He was produced with a bass guitar in his hand! But he says he comes from Lancshire in England and that’s the only reason he ever understands a word that D.A. says. And also why so many of our songs are influenced by a certain time in British history.



Your new single ‘Little Harwood’ was just released. Tell us about the meaning behind it?

This one harks back to a time of youthful exuberance,. Little Harwood was the place where D.A. spent his teenage years. The song follows the story of a few wonderful characters that shared the streets of this small northern town, near Blackburn in Lancashire. Speccy, Scroll, Roger, Terry, and Greavsie were some of the amazing people whose stories influenced the single.


“Drowning” is another song that caught my attention. What is the story behind that one?

This track explores the feeling of being out of control. Of letting life’s inevitable stresses and strains take you under. How everyone experiences this feeling at some time in their life, and how those lucky enough to fight through it rise. Stress and depressive conditions are serious, and people who feel themselves in that place need help and support to guide them through it. Depression has been taboo for too long and many people who need support have been left feeling shame or guilt. That’s really not how it should be. Getting help is not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of strength. If you’ve ever had family members experience this, you know exactly how real it can be.


How does Echoglass plan on keeping this momentum moving?

We just do what we love until we don’t do it anymore. Hopefully, a handful of people enjoy our music. Maybe someone somewhere buys it and when they listen, it somehow connects with them. Maybe they tap their foot, sing along, smile, laugh or cry. That’s why we do this. It’s the joy of creation and the beauty of human connection. Or something like that!


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Little Harwood is out now on all platforms.

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