Bahari Releases Beautifully Raw Video for ‘Fucked Up’


LA-based trio Bahari has just released a new music video for their single “Fucked Up.” Comprised of Ruby Carr on vocals and keyboard, Natalia Panzarella on vocals and bass, and Sidney Sartini on vocals and guitar, the alternative electronic trio has crafted an aesthetically pleasing video to go with their already compelling lyrics and sound.


The band has toured with Selena Gomez and Birdy, and is now gaining more and more widespread attention with each track they release.


The video portrays the three musicians in excellent focus and from a variety of perspectives. There is a purple pink glow throughout the video that places them in a dream-like setting. The video goes back and forth using a television, and shows each of the musicians up close. Their voices are each distinct, yet compliment each other beautifully.

The song is that perfect combination of using light, angelic sounds on both vocals and instrumentals that tell a deeply troubled story, of a relationship that messes you up and is, at the same time, hard to let go of.


Bahari’s Music is Rivetingly Relatable


It is clear from their songs that they have very raw, challenging life experiences that they are connecting to, and that is what makes them so relatable to their fans. Don’t let their young age fool you into thinking that they haven’t gone through the hardships and heartache that they convey with their lyrics. With each song they tell a story and have the unique, natural ability to make you immediately resonate with whatever they are sharing at the time.


This is a group of musicians whose lives really are their music. Not only in the sense of time and dedication, but they wear their lyrics on their sleeve, and are very honest and personal with the way that they connect with listeners.

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