New Music Video from Thunderpussy Explores New Grounds


It’s hard to believe rock n roll queens Thunderpussy could ever put out a bad song.


They still haven’t.


To prove that comes “Badlands” from their upcoming record, to be released May 25. Here’s the thing about every music video from Thunderpussy: they’re always incredibly badass. They take any bars for expectations and set them miles higher. Which is why, unsurprisingly, “Badlands” is a video of epic proportions.


Setting the stage for “Badlands”


The song itself is a slower, elusive rock joint. Molly Sides’ gritty vocals in tandem with Whitney Petty’s killer guitar work, Leah Julius on bass, and Ruby Dunphy smashing drums deliver the highest form of rock. Nature, explained by the tough-as-nails queens nationally recognized for their true talent and devotion to high powered sound. Even though the song has its rough rock qualities, it’s polished in a way that shows off the close-knit power of the band.

Thunderpussy gets wild in the west


As for the video, a road trip has never looked so exhilarating. Nature as defined by Thunderpussy seems like nothing but thrilling. A slow-motion journey through the incredible nature of Washington establishes the scenery.


Though planning to fly to the actual Badlands National Park in South Dakota, after the Seattle band discovered a world of beauty in their home state, the scenery quickly changed. Electric City holds the same charm and wonder of the Badlands, though.(I also think it’s important to note the “Speed Queen” leather jacket in the beginning of the video for the sheer fact of how fashion-forward it is).


Bohemian fashion that alludes to previous hits aside, Thunderpussy lives a wild day in this video. From riding motorcycles in beautiful landscapes to playing with fire, the visual spectacle is full of western nods and exploration. Collecting water, riding horses, frilly shorts and bonfires, The “Bandlands” video is an immaculate expression of nature, while still keeping the spirit of rebellion. The way the video is composed is electric, definitely a beautiful sight to behold.

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