Latest Track From Electric Peace Is “Dinah Might”

The latest track from Electric Peace, “Dinah Might” is a psychedelic surf-punk track with hot guitar lines and some real flare. It tells the story of a legendary surfer named Dinah Might who disappeared in a wave while surfing. The lore goes that she now surfs the night sky.

“Dinah Might” mixes elements of 60s surf and 80s punk music. It takes on a unique vintage, made-at-home sound. Unlike new artists coming onto the music scene trying to replicate this kind of production, Electric Peace’s wild energy is authentic. The band even has the personal stories to back up this no f#cks given approach to music.  

From stealing Kurt Cobain’s gas to wild stories from prison, lead singer Brian Kild doesn’t hold back in life or in his music. Electric Peace got its start in the ‘80s making punk music in California. Today, Electric Peace is still making unapologetic tracks. The band’s latest EP, You’re Going to Hell, includes five funky and experimental songs that will keep listeners of underground punk wanting more.

With Electric Peace, listeners should always expect a chaotic track with some real soul. “Dinah Might” is no exception and showcases a genre-bending soundscape that’s 3 minutes and 25 seconds of a wild ride.

For lovers of underground music who have a longstanding love of punk subculture, Electric Peace is the must-listen band. Give “Dinah Might” a listen and find out!

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