Elliot Moss Makes You Feel like a Big Bad Wolf

Elliot Moss

Being that I’ve done very few things throughout my (almost) 23 years on Earth that would be considered “dangerous” or “cool,” I sometimes like to listen to songs that will make me feel like…. Well, like a bad ass. “Big Bad Wolf” by Elliot Moss is just the right song to accomplish that for me.

To give you a little more insight into the style of Elliot Moss, I will note that YouTube suggested that I watch a video by The Neighbourhood after watching his music video. While I won’t say that he sounds quite like them, there’s a slightly similar style going on here. Vocally, there’s much more baritone in Elliot Moss, but the whole Indie/alternative vibe I’m getting is a somewhat similar to some popular artists you’d hear on the radio.

Elliot Moss Drops New Single, Video

The latest song/video combo is only a sneak peek of what you’ll hear on his latest album Highspeeds, but with that being said there’s a lot of momentum gained just from this track. While the video starts off with a very close shot of a man who is wearing what seems to be a prison uniform and is locked in a glass “cage” of sorts. The song starts off with a mellow electronic beat and transforms into a slight bass guitar number that leads gracefully into the introduction of the vocals.

There’s a softness to Moss’ voice that manages to stay rough around the edges, which is the perfect combination to make you feel like a true bad ass. You can imagine yourself driving a getaway car down the highway at sunset (if your life was a movie, of course). The tempo of the song is constantly changing, and it stays exciting throughout. The vocals stay within the same range, making this quite the easy listen.

The accompanying video is very simple as it is set within the same location, but there seems to be so much going on within it. You can see the imprisoned man being unpleasantly showered, doing push ups, working with wires, and eventually having some sort of black sludge poured over him. I must admit, I am quite confused as to what is actually going on, but it’s intriguing to say the least.

I would have to say, after listening to “Big Bad Wolf,” it definitely makes you want to hear more. You can listen to the rest of the album on Moss’ website.

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