Fruit Bat’s “Absolute Loser” is a Personal Chronicle

Fruit Bats

The most important element of great artistry is the personal touch that each artist brings to their work.

A good artist not only draws from their experiences, but uses their art as an expression of their deepest thoughts and questions. One of these artists is Eric Johnson, the leader of Fruit Bats, who recently released the band’s newest album Absolute Loser. It’s a masterpiece of artistic self-expression.

After a five year absence, Johnson’s latest album will be his triumphant, extremely profound return to the musical world. Inspired by his own personal experiences with loss and brokenness, Johnson created his latest collection of deep, thought-provoking songs with more universal themes. Absolute Loser is an example of personal art that anyone can relate to on a deep level. The whole album is yet another masterful work of emerging folk rock, and it’s set to shake up the music industry.

Fruit Bats Stun with “Absolute Loser”

The album’s title track, “Absolute Loser,” showcases the band’s core element; their folksy, melancholy tone. It’s down-to-earth, winsome acoustic guitar intro is reminiscent of some of the more emotionally charged folk-ballads by Bob Dylan.

“None of Us” is more of a soft-rock piece, with a clean, electric guitar and a bittersweet tune. The refrain, “None of us have seen it all” recalls the general human feeling of inexperience, reminding listeners that they aren’t alone in their lostness.

“Baby Bluebird” is a troubled love song with acoustic instrumentation and a melancholy, electronic backdrop. “Good Will Come to You” shows more of the electronic side of the project. It’s also more optimistic in tone, and its style is closer to classic rock, complete with a well-executed guitar solo somewhere in the middle of the track.

Talking about personal experiences and asking tough questions is something everybody does. It’s a natural part of the human experience to search for answers.

An artist, however, not only searches for answers, they chronicle their search in their art, and they explore their search at the deepest level they can. Eric D. Johnson is a pioneer in this search, Fruit Bats is his medium, Absolute Loser is his chronicle.

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