Ellisa Sun Crowdfunding Her Debut Album “Moon and Sun”

Ellisa Sun

Ellisa Sun is a multitalented folk soloist out of San Francisco and she’s finally decided to release her debut album. For years, she’s found joy in creating music privately but it’s high time she brought her talents to the public.

Give her one quick listen and it becomes very clear – Ellisa Sun is something special. She’s got a jazzy, wide-ranged voice comparable to Amy Winehouse and she paints Van Gogh portraits with her sincere, storytelling lyricism.

You can aid in the funding of Sun’s passionate career opener, Moon and Sun, on her Kickstarter campaign page. It’s a fantastic way for a gifted young artist to get in touch with their growing fan base while also getting a new career off the ground in a big way. I’d suggest giving the page a visit! She’s got plenty to offer in the incentives column, giving you a nice little reward for your much needed support.


Ellisa Sun’s Soulful Sound

Though she may be somewhat new to the scene, Ellisa Sun knows exactly what she wants out of her music. She sings confidently, each note a powerful soundwave crashing wondrously against the soft of your listening ears. Overall, her sound is smooth and soulful, fit for quiet nights by the bedside or wine dates by the pool. She’s got a real knack for matching soft strokes of the acoustic guitar with her headstrong vocalism.

I’ve heard all she’s got to offer on her Soundcloud account (which is well worth the visit, mind you) and I am more than satisfied. I can honestly say I enjoyed all of her work, but there’s one song in particular that just left me in love. Ellisa Sun’s “A Case Of You” is a beautiful display of majestic lyricism bound tightly together with tantalizing vocals, converging to form a splendid and loving melody.

A Helping Hand

Ellisa Sun is the type of artist you just gotta love. She graces every track with ox-strong vocals and writes every piece like it’s her last. It’s obvious that she’s got an earnest love for music and, quite frankly, is just meant to follow this dream.

Her campaign is nearing a close and she could definitely use your help to reach her goal of $7,000. Help Ellisa Sun get all the funding she needs to put together the stand out debut album she deserves!

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