We Are Wolves Give Punk Rock An Electronic Spin

We Are Wolves

Back in the early 2000’s, a group of three men released their debut album. 11 years after that release, we are yet again introduced to another album from this post-punk band called We Are Wolves. This latest album is called Wrong, and unlike the title, listening to it just feels so right.

This trio seems to really have their eyes on the prize, creating the perfectly engineered punk sound that isn’t dripping with angst and anger. The sound is much more of a classic punk tone, with hints of modern styles and electro-pop laced throughout. The new album is very interesting, to say the least, and will impress anyone who’s needing a punk dance night (if those exist).


Punk Gets A Modern Twist In We Are Wolves’ New Album

“Wicked Games” is one of those tracks that’ll really pull you in and give you that classic punk vibe, yet completely confuse you when the tempo starts to turn into much more of a dance-style beat. There’s something very interesting about this one, and the vocals resemble much more of a chant than a traditional style of singing. It really gets you pumped up and ready to yell along with the lyrics, and the electronic aspects to the song are nothing less than enticing.

“I Don’t Mind” starts off with a very groovy sound that transforms itself into a ’90s-esque tempo that would make a great karaoke track. The vocals are more subtle in this one than the previous, and there’s more of a classic rock aspect to them than a punk/electronic sound. There’s a distortion to the vocals that make them seem far away, and they really let the instruments have their time to shine.

“Wrong” is the title track from the album, and it starts off with a very rapid tempo that spirals into very up-tempo vocals and some extreme guitar riffs. Although this one has a very continuous tempo, there’s nothing about it that makes you feel like it’s too repetitive. It’s the perfect amount of continuation that makes the song embed itself into your memory.

You can stream the album over on BrooklynVegan.

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