Man Ray Sky Crowdfunding Their Debut Album

Man Ray Sky

Man Ray Sky is a captivating psychedelic rock group blessed with a keen sense of musical spirituality and an almost otherworldly style of self-expression. Though they satirically claim to have been “the first band in space”, these days you can find them occupying the UK indie rock scene. They’ve been working tirelessly, sending mind-bending soundwaves out into our universe just hoping for a response.

And now, they’ve got one.

Man Ray Sky is currently crowdfunding their debut album, Esper Dreams, and I’m thinkin’ we’re all in for a treat.  Although this will be their first full-length project, rest assured that these guys aren’t just a bunch of rookies stepping’ up to the big league.  Just last year they were awarded Best Composition in the Wildcard division at the 2015 Library Music Awards. Man Ray Sky has also accumulated a markedly diverse set of collaborations and live performances with bands hailing from Norway, Canada and even the United States.

Take some time and check out their Pledgemusic campaign page! There’s just a week left on their campaign deadline and if their goal hasn’t been met, they won’t get a dime. And Man Ray Sky just isn’t the kind of band you should pass up on.

Man Ray Sky: Odd and Original

Since they formed back in ’07, Man Ray Sky has consistently found ways to stretch boundaries and it sounds to me like they’ve got a real handle on where they’re headed with their work.

Last year, the band successfully released a rather gripping EP called Ether Song. Though it was just a 4-song project, Man Ray Sky was able to produce an outlandishly intriguing assortment of headrocking melodies and unconventional tunes. Over time, they’ve grown to be very comfortable with their quick-hitting improvisations and it serves them quite well overall. Take a song like “Human Being” for example!

Low riding chord progressions and high reaching vocals on the top end. They know exactly how to tune that acoustic guitar and let the bass drum beneath it follow suit. It’s clear, these guys know exactly how to take a listener on a quick little journey through time, space, and rock and roll.


All in All

When it’s all said and done, Man Ray Sky is an experienced group of talented individuals that together form an awesome exhibition of improvised interpretation and nuanced creativity.You can checkout their Soundcloud account to really give the guys a chance. They’ve got everything from their Ether Song EP and more!

Quite frankly, there’s really nothing standing in the way at this point. All they need now is a little bit of help and we can all sit back and watch as they blossom into the superstardom they’re meant for.

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