Emclay Makes Peace By ‘Singing to a Stranger’

NYC-based singer Emclay

Emclay, also known as Emily Claman, released her new single “Singing to a Stranger” earlier this month. With her raw talent and smoldering aesthetic, it’s easy to see that Claman was born to be a New York City starlet. She uses R&B influences and unlimited pushback to produce emotionally charged tracks. Her music incites a sonic reclamation of the heart. It also makes for excellent volume-blasting catharsis.

Shaped By The City

Akin to Christina Aguilera, Emclay has been defined by Diandra Reviews as “a blend of 50’s pop with 90’s R&B and modern love.” Like the iconic pop diva, she brings just as much sass and personality as she does heartfelt emotion to the stage. In an interview with Downtown Magazine NYC, she exposed her influences as Beyonce, SZA, Amy Winehouse and Stevie Wonder to name a few.

“NYC is the backdrop of my life”

These music giants, paired with one of the most culturally soaked cities in the world, have led Claman to a creative playground writing and performing her own music. Of the city she says, “How hasn’t NYC inspired my music!? This city is so over stimulating and plays a huge role in relationships, memory making and everyday life that it would be impossible not to have presence in my music. NYC is the backdrop of my life.”

Emclay Helps Listeners Grow Through Loss

Released on April 10, “Singing to a Stranger” explores how to come to terms with losing a deep love to unfamiliarity once the relationship has ended. Claman uses simplified keys and percussion throughout the track that complement her booming voice. It is difficult to discern what’s more heartbreaking: her lyrics or the raw power and soul propelled from her body as she sings. “Singing to a Stranger” gives strength to the mission of doing what’s right for you, even if it means cutting out someone you once relied on.

“Singing to a Stranger” is the second single Emclay has released in 2020, preceded by the track “Can You Blame Me?” Released in January, the video features members from several New York dance communities. Claman was a dancer herself until a devastating foot injury, which led to a deeper exploration into music. The video, directed by Zack Perl, showcases her dance experience and devout passion.

Although Claman won’t be able to perform in any shows for the next few weeks, listeners have the opportunity to hear snippets of new music by following her on Instagram.

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