Ontologics Are ‘Heading To The Outer Realm’


With the amazing multitude of genres that keep popping up every day, it is always refreshing to see an artist that bends some of these genres together to form their own unique sound. Our new friends Ontologics have taken this even further by morphing seemingly ALL of the genres into their totalitarian sound. New album, Heading To The Outer Realm, takes this to new heights.

The Providence, Rhode Island based project is the result of the pairing of singer/songwriter Ian Campopiano and drummer Matthew Walshe. That instrumentation description may be a little short as they bring in Programming, Guitars, Midi-Controllers, Korg Wave Drum, Korg Synth, and Keyboards into the mix. Together as Ontologics the experimental multi-instrumentalist duo grabs from a wide assortment of genres. These include progressive rock, hip-hop, electronica, jam band, and world music. Basically something for everyone to love in one massive package of sound. The band has found great success on college radio and specialty shows.

For the latest album Heading To The Outer Realm, Ontologics take the progressive genre to new universes with their exploration of odd meters, left turn feel changes, and lyrical depth. The opener “Upside In Downside Out” begins the journey into the unknown with an amalgamation of noise that blurs your mind right from the start. As the exotic instrumentation opens your ears, the vocal swings between melodic storytelling and fast-paced rapping keeps you guessing. This ‘not knowing what will come next’ is a  main part of the enjoyment.

On “Assemble Them” the amazing bassline leads the way as a funk tone creeps in among the other vibes present. Even with the mind-warping sonic attack, the lyrical content is attention-grabbing as well. There is real meaning behind these words that demand a few listens to take it all in.

World Music instruments are a major part from the start of “To Go Along To Get Along” but the full sonic tapestry is soon filled with sounds of every which kind. This multi-universe vibe continues on the title track “Heading To The Outer Realm”. This is truly music for people that appreciate music, and are open to letting their minds get taken over.

Since working with him on their last album, Ontologics brought back super-fan P-Nut of progressive-pop powerhouse 311 into the fold. On bass-heavy “Hindsight Mind’s Right” P-Nut spins his well-known style into the mix as the group blurs genres once again with noises coming from seemingly every angle.

As we reach the closer “Mitigated Moments” our brains have been through the blender and could use a mellow break. That is not to be the case as the instrumental masterpiece builds and builds to a massive soundscape to take in all at once. The switches again keep your mind from holding onto anything too tightly. You are in the hands of Ontologics now and they will release you when they see fit.

Enter their world if you feel ready for the journey at www.OntologicsMusic.com

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