Emerald Has Arrived with ‘uScopic huGe’


Music is well known to lie in wait just waiting to come out when the time is right. It could be months or it could be many years but music inside an artistic heart will eventually find its way. Our recent discovery Emerald took the long route but now is ready to share his sound with the world.

Growing up in a small Canadian fishing town Emerald, aka Brian Edwards, was quite isolated but fortunately with the help of his brothers was exposed to great music. Rock luminaries such as Pink Floyd, AC/DC, and in particular Thin Lizzy would become huge influences on what would become the Emerald sound. A full career at Nav Canada took life in a more standard direction but he always made sure to pick up his guitar every day to let off steam and grow as an artist. 

With his career now coming to a close the focus has moved back to music. The result is the recently released uScopic huGe. The full length album is an impressive debut consisting of 16 songs. The opener “(On This) Silent Night” eases us in to the Emerald sound with some amazing guitar lines sitting over a trance-like melody. The added level of his vocals provides quite the amalgamation of sound. The classic rock tone is turned up on “Call Home”. There is an energy here that will force you to perk up and pay attention. This is going to be a fun ride.

We go off in a more experimental Americana direction with songs such as “Feels Like The Dirt” and “Remission”. The storytelling is the highlight here. We are drawn into the story and the emotional vocal delivery. Again, Emerald shows off his wide array of guitar skills. Still experimental but maybe more progressive leaning is another favorite “Monkeys In Trees”. The energetic melody pulls us ahead with a full chugging wall of sound being provided behind the soloing lead guitar. 

The diversity of Emerald talent is shown off again with the slowed-down “Small Town”. The ode to his own little hometown drips with emotion and almost makes me want to visit. By the time we get to the closer “51” we have experienced a full journey with Emerald. He lets us off with a beautiful piece of melodic guitar playing that builds into an all out experience of meaningful songwriting. 

We may have had to wait for a while for the debut by Emerald, but as the say ‘it was worth the wait.’

Keep up with what may come next from Emerald on his uScopic huGe WEBSITE.

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