Emilie Lierre and her ukulele deliver something special with ‘The Wanderer’

Emilie Lierre

When Emilie Lierre released her debut single “Extraordinary”, it created a buzz due to its simple but alluring sound and outstanding vocals. It’s the first song from her album, The Wanderer. It promises to “take the listener on a journey through her thoughts on life, love and the world around us”. Each track was recorded in one take with just her ukulele and vocals to share each story. She wanted to create something honest and in its purest form.

As you listen to The Wanderer, you will take in the simplistic soundtrack it offers. From the opening track, “Walk Alone”, the sound of her ukulele stands alongside her vocals in the spotlight. Traditionally, the ukulele is a fun and upbeat instrument, but it reflects the various emotions within her lyrics. It may only have four strings, but it has a lot to say. There are times when it stands out to grab the listener’s attention. The perfect example of this is the lead single “Extraordinary”. Its infectious strumming pattern and the way it pauses to let the words breathe elevates the story.

With the musical stage set, we are ready for Lierre to share her stories. She does so with an impressive and captivating vocal presence. With each song, she steals the spotlight with the range of her voice. She delivers softer moments to perfection, but her way of adding power and passion to her voice stands out the most. No moment fails to impress, but one track that highlights this quality the most is the beautiful “Goodbye Love”. 

Her uke sets the mood before her story begins. It does so with, “It’s the same old story, the same old line / I just didn’t show enough in that limited time / And I know that there are others / Who can give you the world in one day”. It is in a delicate manner that is captivating. She continues with the exceptional moment, “I’ve been wondering why I can’t / Why I can’t just show what’s in my heart / From the very start”. Then, the mood changes midway as the tempo delivers a positive tone. Her voice mirrors this change as she shares, “Well, oh well, goodbye love, well you came, you saw, you didn’t quite conquer me”. There is a sense of empowerment as this upbeat sound sees out the rest of the track.

Each of the eight tracks has its tale to tell. “The Wanderer”, highlights the story of her journey exploring the southern hemisphere. Perfectly described during the hook, “My back gardens the ocean, the stars my TV / Oh but there’s no need to cry for me / I don’t think I ever felt so free”. But, her storytelling qualities shine the most with “Out Here Tonight”. The combination of her way with words and how they are shared makes this song stand out. Especially with lines such as “Still I’m searching / Listening for the voice that sung to me / The one that spoke straight to my soul / How did I let you walk away / Didn’t know how else to play”. Just press play and enjoy.

This album has so much to offer, with so many outstanding moments. Personally, the one that stands out the most is the track “You”. As it begins, the ukulele is mesmerising as it sets the mood. The story shared is about that special someone. It may not be in-depth like the others, but it has that something that grabs your attention. Maybe it is the positive message within the chorus. You can feel it with the delivery of, “I know I can take on the world / It can take as it pleases / I have all that I need here and / Even if I should fall, I know I can pick up the pieces / And I know I’ll be stronger, thanks to you”. It is one of those songs that feels right.

Along with her ukulele, Emilie Lierre’s stunning voice shares some captivating stories on ‘The Wanderer’

The Wanderer may be the debut release from this talented songstress, but it won’t be the last. There are wheels in motion for a new album with a full band. Because of this, we can expect a new side to her music. Because of what we have heard vocally and lyrically by Emilie Lierre, this will be one to watch.

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