Emily Sheila Draws Us in With “Tarantula”

Born and raised under English and Peruvian descent, then creating a name for herself right under the Miami sun, Emily Sheila has recently released a new album. But that’s not all, she’s also released a brand new single titled “Tarantula” and we are so here for it. With a jazz backing track and her sultry honey-smooth voice, it’s enough to draw just about anyone in. This is the perfect track to listen to while drinking your morning coffee or your evening glass of wine.

Making the ultimate move for creativity, the story displays vulnerability from the point of view of a spider. Something about dealing with those eight-legged critters puts both parties in a heightened space of weakness and vulnerability. As humans, we often fail to realize the amount of control we could take over the situation considering our size versus the arachnid’s. But at that moment, the fear and panic take over. Often times, toxic relationships affect our brain in the same way. Even when something is wrong or bad or scary, it’s hard to realize that you’re completely capable of taking control. Take a deep breath and allow yourself to exist somewhere you are more comfortable.

The way Emily uses her music as her own personal therapy generates notice and her fan base is growing rapily purely from word of mouth until she became recognized as one of the best singer/songwriters within southern Florida. It’s an accomplishment in itself, that one should definitely be proud of, and with the hope that her music can pull people away from anything going in within their lives, this girl is definitely one to keep an eye on.

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