Eric Leyton Is Starting His Solo Journey

Eric Leyton

Music runs deep in the veins of certain people. It all starts with falling in love with an instrument and putting in the time to become the best you can be with it. From there the world can open up if you just allow yourself to enjoy the ride and put in the hard work needed to keep the train moving. Our recent discovery Eric Leyton seems to be on this path as he has an original album coming out with the new year. 

Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio the singer, guitarist, and songwriter has been refining his talents for years. Eric Leyton also spent some time in Nashville, Tennessee, and Asheville, North Carolina as well to gather experience and influence for his musical quest. Coming from a military family has instilled the hard work ethic needed to become a success in whatever he does.

Eric Leyton and his band The Lifters have become mainstays throughout the Ohio area sharing thier fun and professional sound through tons of live performances at local pubs and restaurants as well as private events. 

Now Eric Leyton is moving towards a solo career with his intriguing country sound. With an album on the horizon for December or January, we have been treated to a few of the singles to wet our whistle. “I Saw Her First” is a heartwarming country tune that hits all the right notes. The guitar effortlessly creates a smooth backdrop that draws the listener close. Eric’s vocals have a warmth as well that brings back memories of some classic country artists. 

There is some more energy on “Twig” with a fuller sound incorporating some bluegrass elements. The party continues with some lyrical imagery that truly paints a picture of good times. The guitars again shine through as a highlight of the talent that abounds here.

Eric Leyton is definitely one to keep an eye and an ear out for. Follow him on FACEBOOK.

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