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Back Of House

Making music is supposed to be fun. When a band lives for the fun it makes the music much more approachable and fans yearn to be a part of the experience. Our recent find Back Of House gets this.

We caught up with food-loving punk rockers to get a deeper look into the fun. Enjoy the interview:

First off, what is behind the name Back of House?

Back of House is the term used for the poor souls working behind the scene in a restaurant – the misfits that you rarely need to see, the hard working, bad mouthing ones that cooks your food. The dishwasher also functions under our protection, he/she is also Back of House. Never ever look down on, or in any other way insult, the dishwasher or the bus boy, you’ll get a whole team of chefs against you and you don’t want that.

How would you describe the sound of the band?

Hmmm… It sounds pretty much exactly like you’d think it sounds when someone who have only played bass guitar for 32 years decides to let the inner fury out and make punk rock – Distinct fun, stone-breaking bass lines backed up by simple rhythms, harmonies and melodies and loud distorted guitars.

What is the glue that keeps this punk rock party together?

Three F-words. Food, fun and friendship.

What other bands have been the biggest influences for Back Of House?

Ramones, Misfits and Beach Boys.

How does a song come together for the band?

It usually starts with the bass line and once that is in place we add guitars and drums to go along with it, mostly because, sadly, no one would listen to a song with just bass. If we’re lucky enough some melodies can be applied to the result and then lyrics starts flowing out of. The story always depends on what I am craving at the moment or how great or shitty my last service was in the restaurant kitchen.

There seems to be a food theme running through your songs. What’s up with that?

Well, yeah. That’s the foundation on which Back of House is built on. We like food (and drinks) very, very much and it’s simply natural for us to write about burgers, pizzas and restaurant and kitchen doings. Writing about food really lets us skip the struggle of trying to describe someone’s beautiful eyes for the millionth time. Our food theme makes us stand out and is our chance to be unique. I am not a hundred percent certain, but I think it’s safe to say that we are the only punk rock band in the world with lyrics about food – and food only.

Give us some advice for other bands doing their own thing?

Dig up what’s unique about you and take it to the next level. Make sure it sounds natural and like you mean it all the way. Is a great sounding snare drum the love of your life, make sure you serve the best snare drum ever, go for it! Find your hook and hang on to it like a beer after dinner service without any exception, that’s what’s going to make ’em go “hmmm”.

And like Max Martin said: Only steal from the best.

What does the future hold for Back Of House?

That is really hard to say. We didn’t think we were any good and that no one would ever pay attention to us. We were only minding our own businesses and somewhere along the way some people started listening to our crap and that is of course mind numbingly cool. If someone wants us to come and play at their venue, we’re up for it. If someone wants to sign a deal, let’s talk. If someone wants me to come and cook for them, sure thing.

We’re just going to be doing what I guess all unsigned bands are doing – Have fun together as a band and if someone in a determining position of the music industry finds us delicious and decides to bring up a pen and paper we will see what’s on the menu.

But first off, we’re going for a burger. With cheese. And bacon.

We will take a double bacon cheeseburger as well. Keep up with more of the zany belly filling adventures of Back Of House on their FACEBOOK.

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