ESP Ohio’s Debut Album Breaks Out With A Smashing Sound

ESP Ohio

In some cases, an artist or group will come along that seems to completely reinvent the music scene and add some uniqueness to it. ESP Ohio would most certainly be one of those groups. Having just released their debut album on the 18th, it’s easy to say that they’ll be making their way up the music ladder in no time with these intricate sounds.

There’s that alternative rock sound that is completely recognizable within their music, but there’s also a very unique sound wrapped within the simplicity that really makes it stand out. The vocals seem to range from grunge to ska to alternative, and the combining instruments follow the same suit to a T.

ESP Ohio Release Their Eclectic Debut Album.

The debut track from their new album Starting Point of the Royal Cyclopean, “Royal Cyclopean,” features that sort of ska sound, due to the slight instrumental resemblance to a Mighty Mighty Bosstones that proved so popular back in the ’90s. It is a very catchy tune, and making it the debut track definitely draws the listener in and makes them want to hear more.

The second released track from the album, “Lithuanian Bombshells,” starts off a bit slower than the previously mentioned track, but as the speed intensifies slightly, the vocals follow suit and have a slight resemblance to some very popular late ’60s-early ’70s tracks. There’s the same up-tempo sound that we have gotten used to through the previous tracks of the album, and it’s never tiring.

Throughout the entire album, there’s of course that catchy tempo that never seems to cease Along with that, each track unwinds into something completely unique and entrancing, making you really want to get up and start moving. Each song on their debut album is a great pick me up, if you’re having a bad day or just need a little more energy.

You can listen to “Lithuanian Bombshells” and check out more of their album over on the GBV Inc SoundCloud page.

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