The Bash Dogs Bring Classic Rock Back With A Bang + Video Premiere

Bash Dogs

There is a reason that the music of the 1970’s was called Classic Rock.  That sound has inspired hundreds of bands and still rocks today as hard as it ever did.  This genre is never going away.  Our latest discovery The Bash Dogs is taking it to the next level while still staying true to the classic rock and psychedelic vibes.

The Los Angeles-based band was originally formed in 2005 by brothers Nate and Jeremy Barrett.  It was a little tough for them to get a real hold on the scene at the time considering they were only 10 and 8 years old at the time!  Year later Bassist Nathan Schmok was recruited from High School Jazz Band and the full Bash Dogs lineup was set.

The influence of the classic rockers like Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, and even The Beatles is heard instantly in the Bash Dog sound.  The influence crept into more than just their sound though.  From the long hair and colorful outfits to the mesmerizing stage presence, the Bash Dogs are that flashback band that brings us right back to the glory days of live music.  The heavy rock riffs with elements of surf and ’60s psychedelia creates a raw, garage rock n’ roll sound that stirs up a rowdy crowd of stage divers and moshing fans eager to have a great time.

Classic Rock is Alive and Well in The Bash Dogs

This energetic stage show is being featured tonight, November 25, at The Irenic in San Diego. The Shivs, Splavender, Aquarium, and Essex Class will open for The Bash Dogs tonight.  Tickets will cost $12 and the party starts at 6:30 PM.



In addition, The Bash Dogs will be playing new unheard psychedelic songs and releasing their new track “Captain Harly” along with its music video.  The song was written about the band’s lovable friend Harley, a homeless man living in Newport Beach known for his eccentric behavior.  He is featured in the video joyfully dancing in the sand as The Bash Dogs tear it up under the Newport pier.  The video mimics classic 1960’s surf videos with its vintage filters and even features real clips of mid-century surfing backed with a true surf groove.  The song takes the listener on a trip to a better state of mind with its winding and psychedelic style.

Keep up with more Bash Dogs on their WEBSITE and listen to more tunes on SPOTIFY.

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