It is a true testament to the love of music when a band can remain together for years even without breaking into the big time and making a huge name for themselves.  When personalities are aligned in the joy of creating original music, it leaves the troubles of being in a band on the side.  One such band is Evoletah.


Formed back in 2005, the band from Adelaide, South Australia has remained steadfast in their pursuit of putting out music that gives them happiness.  With Matt Cahill (vocals/guitar), Andrew Boyce (guitar), Jason Eyers-White (Drums), and Michael Shanahan (bass) getting in a room to create songs will always be a passion.  The sound of Evoletah is a dark indie pop with influences from everywhere including alternative, prog rock, and jazz.  Any listener can hear the obvious passion in each song along with the mood set by the interesting use of instruments.

Evoletah has recently released their fourth album We Ache For The Moon.  The 9 track record is a step up to the next level for the rising band.  Album opener ‘Halfway’ starts with a quick pace and eerie feel with sensual vocals.  The sultry mood remains on ‘Black And Blue’ with the voice of Katie Underwood and deep soul tone.  On ‘Everyone Waits For Nothing’ they even produce an almost medieval feel with impressive guitar work and violins.  Overall We Ache For The Moon is a complete listen that allows the listener to relax and enjoy music with a hushed tone and rela emotion.  Find out more at:

Enjoy the elegantly shot and beautiful video for ‘Halfway’ below:

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