Fades EP Edgy but Accessible


By Emma Cohen of Indie Band Guru

Fades, a five piece musical group from London, formed in 2014 and started releasing music soon after.

The group’s newest, the selftitled EP Fades, consists of six original songs that all share the same edgy underground rock sound they’re becoming known for. Each song on the album bleeds into the next creating a uniformed sound.

Fades — Emotionally Accessible Punk

Perhaps the most emotionally forthcoming song on the release is the first on the album, “Breaking Through The Walls.” It allows each of the members of the group to sparkle. Joshua Woo, the vocalist of Fades, is shows off his wide range, hitting both extremely high and low notes. He was also able to “scream” lyrics without sounding too screechy.

It is not just the vocals which made this song so attractive, Lucas Mendes on lead guitar shreds away at more than one solo. Each time the guitar is heard it is more heavily strung then the prior, I took this as his own personal way of exuding the emotional torment which made the song so endearing.

My personal favorite, “Before My Eyes” has hints of early White Stripes in its overtone. The drums and bass guitar really take the lead in this song, carrying the melody and giving the tune a darker atmosphere. It could be something found in the back of an old record store, perhaps a track lost in time.

This group surprised me, to be honest. From the first chord, I assumed Fades would be difficult to delve into and connect with. I was mistaken. I loved the heavy beat, dramatic chords, and vocals always on the verge of screaming.

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