Fast Romantics Debut A Political Statement with “Why We Fight” Lyric Video

Fast Romantics "Why We Fight"

In a time where many are fighting against the current political state in the United States, music is one thing that can bring everyone’s feeling together.

The “Why We Fight” lyric video, by the Fast Romantics, displays the history of Americans fighting through out our history.

“Why We Fight,” an anthem that is full of an energy similar to music from fellow Canadian indie-rockers Arcade Fire, but with a hint of raw Bruce Springsteen-esque fire. It’s perhaps of no surprise that “Why We Fight” was born at a time of political turmoil, written as the US election campaign was underway.

However, “Why We Fight” is not a protest song. Fast Romantics reflect on what many non-Americans felt over the course of the 2016 election. Many Americans don’t realize how much US politics influence the world, this song sheds a light on this idea.

“‘Why We Fight’ started out as a song about myself, about what it is that drives me to even be in a band in the first place. But it quickly evolved into an ode to anyone who finds themselves hungry for something that might seem out of reach.” -Matthew Angus, songwriter, singer and guitarist for Fast Romantics

The video shows many different places, times, and feelings from American history.

The majority of the lyrics are sang by an Abraham Lincoln character, a pronominal figure for US change. In a time where the US is facing many repeat issue with race, the irony of Lincoln singing is astounding.

From Martin Luther King’s marches and “I Have A Dream” speech, to jazz dances,to Native Americans and their struggles, the American dream is not forgotten in any capacity by Fast Romantics.

The song displays anthemic features. The strong and driving drum beat, gets you pumped to go out and do something. The quieter verses lead into the main “this is why we fight” lyric that drives the chorus.

Fast Romantics forthcoming album, from where “Why We Fight” is taken, is set to release in Spring 2017.

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