Texas continues to be a literal hotbed of talent in the indie music scene.  I have only been a visitor briefly but maybe it is something about the availability of wide open spaces and warmth that creates this level of imaginative influences.  Our latest find Ferni strengthens our belief in the power of the Texas sun.

The American singer-songwriter is a veteran of the big Texas city scenes of Houston, Dallas, and Austin.  Ferni founded well known local bands Of Love And Justice in Houston and Brother Sol in Austin.  The vocal talent is evident immediately as well as his ability to get interesting sounds out of a guitar without overwhelming the music.  His catalog is full of songs with raw passion, honesty, and intensity.  There are influences from alt rock and folk but this sound is as original as Ferni is.

The latest offering from Ferni is the Afterburn EP.  The 7 song record is bursting with emotion that will make its way deep into your soul with each listen.  From the opener “Wonderful” and its empty room piano melody accompanied by the haunting yet warm vocal track, you know you are in for a special listen.  I had flashbacks of Greg Dulli from the Afghan Whigs at times with this song.  Take a listen:

The just under 3 minute “How Do You Like Me” adds a danceable groove to the repertoire with grinding guitars reaching for some interesting effect.  On “Blame” there is more of an alternative rock vibe with a full sonic landscape pushing the song forward and Ferni’s vocal delivery keeping the listener focused and entranced.  The closing bonus track “Don’t Let Go” is full of energy and excitement that seemed like it wasn’t going to come on this EP.  There is something here for every lover of emotional alt-rock music.  We strongly advise you give it a listen at: http://ferni.bandcamp.com/

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