Sometimes a seemingly random meeting can turn into a perfect musical partnership.  When two like souls meet there can be an almost instant connection.  These type of people can often feed off each other and turn one another into better artists just by their presence.  This seems to be the case with our new friends of the band Figures.


The musical duo hails from Melbourne, Australia.  The loud rock band is made up of Nic Belor and Chris Felton who met over a mutual love of loud and erratic music.  Together Figures play a brand of alternative rock that is raw and powerful.  It seems as if they take turns trying to play louder than each other from verse to verse.  There is a 90’s grunge feel to their sound but it is amazing how they fill the sonic space with just 2 members.

Late last year Figures released their debut full length album From The Ages.  The 10 track album is a flashback to an earlier time when rock music was raw and organic.  There are comparisons to bands like HUM and Dinosaur Jr.  The opener “Personal Archives” seemingly mellow with a slow vocal delivery but the grinding guitar gives it that grunge tone.  The title track “From The Ages” has a bouncy feel with some exotic sounds as the pair battle for control of the mix.   On “Safest” the band turns up the pace and speeds through a song showing some truly technical skill on their instruments.  They pound away dragging the listener along for a wild ride.  By the time you get to the closer “Happy” you are drained from listening so intently to the interesting album.  There is something magical here with the sound that Figures has managed to put together.  Get a listen for yourself at:


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