An artist that takes the time to put a concept into their album and music in general will always be respected here at Indie Band Guru.  Writing music is never easy but having each song relate to the others and push forward a single meaning is even harder but the payoff is worth it when it all comes together.  Our latest find Salloum has something to say with his music.


The rapper with a meaning began writing rhymes back in 2007 and worked hard over the next few years to perfect his skills and develop an individual style that has been gaining some real traction.  Salloum’s latest project is the concept album HollowDreamz which shows that he is a more intellectual and deeper thinking artist than most rappers.  The 11 track record aims to challenge social constructs and the importance of the individual.  There is  also a strong spiritual message heard throughout the songs.  He shares his message with a speedy yet flowing lyrical style and a way with words that parallels stars such as Eminem in his delivery.

The album begins with an islamic spoken word piece “Al-Faraq” which hopefully won’t scare potential listeners off but it does set the tone for a thought provoking listen.  There is a catchy melody to “Through The Window” with its keyboard sounds playing with the listener’s ear.  Salloum spits out a flowing lyrical assault that demands attention as well on this one.  There is a darker, minor key tone on “Dark Jam” that sets the mood with many sounds fighting for attention.  It seems many of these songs need multiple listens to soak in the full effect.  The story and lyrics truly stand out on “This Is The Blues” with a very relatable feel. Again the melody and beat are high end and much better than what is common in much rap music today.  Salloum chooses to use lyrical samples to share the message on “Silver Lining”.  The epic over 10 minute track combines some nice angelic sonic background with the struggle of a murderer’s confession.  The album closes with the soulful “Rock With Me” and Salloum’s strong storytelling lyrics once again taking center stage.  Definitely a record to listen to from start to finish for the full experience.  Keep up with the artistry at: and this project at:

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