Flippin’ Gothic Fabp presents his ‘Platinumism Playlist’

Flippin' Gothic Fabp

In the hip hop and rap game today it is extremely important to keep getting new music out into the world. You need to stay in the ears of your fans to keep them involved. This is also the best way to grow new fans. Flippin’ Gothic Fabp is well aware of this and is doing his best to give us new music constantly. 

Also going by the names Fabp and Fabpz the Freelancer, the rapper has always put his music first. Hooping up with X-Calade Promotionz has given him the outlet to expose this music to more and more people. The latest in the release anthology of Flippin’ Gothic Fabp is the new album Platinumism Playlist.  

The 14 track record is a continuation from his free flow form on last record From My Brian To You. As the Platinumism Playlist opens with “Chillin @ Tha Park” we learn quickly that some innovative production will be at the center here. The experimental beats aim to set the music apart.

From the smooth wobbles on “Boyz -N- Galz Fo Sho” to the raw electro interference of “Ice Pick,” we are made abundantly aware that Flippin’ Gothic Fabp has no intent on staying within the norms of the current hip hop scene. He just lets his mid flow into the lyrics without any need for structure. 

We get some real emotion fueled lyrical delivery on “See You Smile” as he shares his romantic feelings for a love. “If You Feel It” continues this emotion as well. Whether it be for a female partner or his love for music we are not sure but does it really matter? Love is love.

Keep up with Flippin’ Gothic Fabp on his growing socials and see where he wants to take us next. I’m sure more new music is not too far away.



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