Float Like A Buffalo Hitting Their Stride

Float Like A Buffalo

Many unknowing fans out there assume that a band is formed in a day and is out there playing big shows the week after and making the big bucks a month later.  This is just not the case.  It takes time to put it all together and make things work.  Our recent find Float Like A Buffalo has put in the time and is now finally ready to start reaping the rewards of all their hard work.

The Denver, Colorado-based band began as an idea back in the summer of 2014.  Core members Cory Pearman (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and Garrett Achten (percussion, backing vocals) jammed out on some acoustic tunes with a djembe and guitar in Cory’s apartment.  There was some magic there but the search for a full lineup eluded the duo for quite a while.  

After countless creative differences, resulting in personnel changes, and stops and starts, Float Like A Buffalo solidified their lineup in January 2016 with the addition of drummer Phil Pleckham, Evan Crabdree on lead guitar and Jason Clukies on bass, from the band Shredding Heights.  Since then, Float Like A Buffalo has been a force with their energetic live show and diverse sound.  

They went on to win the “2016 Best of the West Contest,” put on by Westworld Magazine. Competing with and topping some of the Mile High City’s biggest local acts, the band beat out 80 others to win the crown.  

On the heels of that success, Float Like A Buffalo took two days at Decibel Garden Studios in Denver to record their EP Enjoy The Ride.  The 5 track record shows a variety of directions the band can go in.  The title track “Enjoy The Ride” has that amped up folk-rock feel that builds to an all out sing along chorus.  The song was written in response to his girlfriend, who moved to Colorado from Southern California to be with him but was having second thoughts.  There is some real emotion felt on “The Moment”.  The storytelling style welcomes everyone into the heart of the band.  

Float Like A Buffalo stretches out their sound on “Whiskey Dreams” with some imaginative and progressive tones.  The true talent of each musician comes through quite clearly as Cory lays out the vocals with a powerful and bouncy feel. The funky side is shown on “Smile For The Cameras” as the rhythm section leads the way through a groovy number that pours with real energy.

Keep up with Float Like A Buffalo on their FACEBOOK page.

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