Fox Opens Up With ‘Elements’


Music means so much to so many of us as we develop. Sometimes so much that we decide to take our love of listening and switch into creating music. Our new discovery Fox decided to contribute to the medium that meant so much to him throughout his life with his first array into songwriting. 

Fox is a band of one based in Palm Coast, Florida. He decided to release his debut album Elements to represent “2 years of growth as a novice singer/ songwriter.” He also wishes to provide “a foundation to the music I create going forward,” with a hope to collaborate with other musicians and start another band one day down the road. 

From the first track, I was hooked immediately by the song “Cards Down.” I don’t know if it’s about a poker game gone wrong but I loved it the minute it hit my ears. I felt like I wanted to mosh and dance at the same time. Great start.

The rest of the album took me on a journey I truly enjoyed. The track “Canyon” stuck out because of the flawless production. This Fox song is one anyone could enjoy. It would fit in the mountains around a campfire or a sunny beach by see-through blue water. Even though it’s only 36 seconds, there is a lot of beauty in the track. It really inspired me.

In addition to Two Door Cinema Club meets post-punk vibes, I also detected some Johnny Marr influences. The mix of the lead singer’s voice and the sick beats kept me listening. I even went back to listen to standout tracks like “Lucky Look,” “Moss & Rust,” and “Setting the Sights.”

It’s clear that Fox is influenced by lots of genres and the medley of their interests showed through in a beautiful way. Pretty much every song made me bop my head, which is rare for an artist who is new to me. 

As someone who playlists for a living, I can say for certain Fox will be making a lot of appearances soon. Do yourself a favor and listen to Fox now too!

**reviewed by Kathleen Gauder of Triple B Mode

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