The Front End Ties It All Together

Front End

Through the last few decades, there has been a wild assortment of musical styles that have all caught on with large audiences.  With more and more genres available to listen to, it is only natural for today’s bands, full of music lovers, to bring in many genres into their own sound to form something completely new, yet reminiscent of these many past music scenes.  A great example of this progress is our recent find The Front End.

The band from Allentown, Pennsylvania formed back in January of 2015.  The founding members of The Front End, Louis Holzman (drums), Gabriel Defalcis (guitar, vox) and Kory Hartz (guitar, vox) live by the motto “music is our motivation, the rest is a by-product”.  These are true lovers of music.  Each brings dynamic influences into the mix. Kory grew up loving emo math rockers Tiny Moving Parts and the post-hardcore Dance Gavin Dance, while Louis grew up on Led Zeppelin, post-hardcore great Chiodos and the intense drumming of Blink-182’s Travis Barker. Gabe was into Led Zeppelin as well as the PA emo band Snowing.  

This wide variety of influences of The Front End sound has resulted in something that can appeal to a wide group of listeners.  There are pieces of alternative rock and punk, as well as elements of classic rock, Latin music, funk, and surf rock.  Another unique element of The Front End is the fact that each member is a lead singer. The person who writes the tune is the one who becomes the front man.  This has expanded what the band is able to do and it has been connecting with a growing fan base.

Earlier this month, The Front End released their EP Growing Pains.  The 4 song record lets each band member share their influences into one cohesive unit.  The opener “Mandingo” shows this diversity hitting multiple genres within the 1st minute.  The progressive tempo variations give way to a melodic love song that then transforms into an all out bitter screamfest.  Something for everyone all in one song.  



There are some psychedelic aspects to the track “Uncle Tony” as the guitarists show off their talents.  The soaring choruses demand the listener to sing along at the top of their lungs.  The closer “Missed Connections” goes back and forth between a mellow ballad with latin-tinged guitar to a sped up progressive track that blasts into your ears.

It truly looks as if The Front End can go in any direction they choose and with hard work, that direction is up.  Keep an eye on the band on their FACEBOOK and hear the EP on their BANDCAMP.

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