Sam Evian Drops ‘Premium’ Debut Album

Sam Evian

There are some artists that just have a quality you can’t describe. They have something about their vocals or overall delivery that can’t be replicated. Whether it’s the tone of their voice or just some kind of coolness — they just sound special. New York-based singer Sam Evian embodies those artists. His debut album Premium is the perfect example of this special quality.

Sav Evian has a style that needs no introduction, rather a disclaimer. It’s got something different that, while I wasn’t really accustomed to it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t create something fresh and fantastic. Premium creates a sound that is entirely it’s own.

Sam Evian Souls Up His Sound

This whole album pulls of this very interesting mix of genres that can’t be forgotten. Evian plays with sounds and meshes things together in a way that seems basically intergalactic, for lack of a better word. He easily creates this kind of digital pop-rock clash that at times sounds almost dream-like.

His single “I Need A Man” only solidifies his creative talents. It’s a fantastic song that at times borders on this soul vibe still mixed with his very pure falsetto. He has this impressive range that he has no problem playing around with. On top of that, he also has this very smooth band backing it all up.

Evian boosts the song up even more by adding depth to it. Like many of his other songs, “I Need A Man” comes with a message. “I Need A Man” works as a self-proclaimed call to “an end to the tyranny of ignorance, racism, sexism and violence, written after a number of stories of sexual abuse in the music industry,” according to Evian. Most of his songs on Premium work on this deeper level, with messages ranging from relationships to restlessness. It’s thoughtful without being in your face and adds another layer to Evian’s already sound production.

Premium raises expectations high. Evian is clearly talented and creative, and works with a lot of factors to make his album so fantastic. He creates this unmatched sound all while ushering in this music with a message. That mixed with his impeccable vocals and production value just make an album you can’t help but vibe with.

Premium will be available to stream September 30. Until then, check out more of his irresistible tunes on Bandcamp or Soundcloud.

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