Future Crisis Klub Brings Back Real Alt Rock With Debut EP

Future Crisis Klub

As musicians we can think that we are done making music but music will creep back in when it is ready. Even after a successful career comes to an end, it does not mean music is really done with you. Former frontman Kris Degaust took a 13 year hiatus but is now called back to music with his new project Future Crisis Klub.

In the 1990s and early 2000s, Kris Degaust was with Canadian alt rock/post grunge acts Good Nite Irene and Rabbit. Now located in Oakland, California, he spent his pandemic lockdown time with not much to do. Music came calling and some new material came along with reworking of some older songs. The passion was back. Future Crisis Klub was born. 

The music started flowing and Future Crisis Klub headed to the well known Sunset Sound Studio in Los Angeles to get it recorded. Top producer Joe Chiccarelli whose credits include Beck, U2, The Strokes, The Killers, and Elton John, among countless others was brought in to perfect the sound. The result was the 5-song self-titled debut EP for the new project. 

The EP kicks off with “Wrecking Ball” to set the tone. The vibe is a little dark with a classic sound reminiscent of some of the best dark alt acts of the 90s. Powerful grinding guitars push the track forward with pure energy. Kris pours heart into the vocals drawing the listener in. 

Hear ‘The Refugee’ by Future Crisis Klub

Future Crisis Klub slows it down for “Beautiful and Obscene” to ease us back into a relaxed mode. There is an elegance in the vocals and the smooth backdrop punctuated by electric guitar strums to add multiple layers. “The Refugee” turns the energy back up with a sped up beat getting the heart pumping. Kris keeps his singing consistent and smooth with his laid back style adding an element to keep us grounded. Some fun guitar solos are thrown in to remind us this is pure rock!

The closer sees Future Crisis Klub admit “I Was Wrong.” The most laid back track of the record is also the most emotionally charged. No drums are present for the first 3 minutes of the song while an atmospheric tapestry of sounds leads the way. Vocals again lead the way with soul and openess showing an artist not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve. When the drums and energy come in to jar us from our relaxation we know the artist truly has us in hus control. And it is a nice place to be.

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