G Clef Fusion Brings The Mix on ‘QB1-OS’

G Clef Fusion

For the vast majority of musicians fame and fortune will not find us. We make music for the joy of it in the time we find available. The beauty of it is that the more we stick with it, the better we get. As we reach the age where the business of life starts to slow down, we get to enjoy the rewards of all the time we spent practicing and performing. Our new find G Clef Fusion has hit this time and has a brand new album to show for it.

Based in the small town of Havre de Grace on the northern point of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, Chuck Moyer has been in love with music since his teenage years. From the ‘piano lessons playing songs he didn’t like’ to the ‘basement bands with friends’ to the’ trying to become a rock star while holding down a day job’ music has been around a long while. 

As he has now hit his post-hectic life, Chuck has time to put together his years of musical exploration into something fresh. The result is the formation of his G Clef Fusion project. He pays homage to the great rock, jazz and fusion instrumental classics of the past with a new technical and high energy flair. His use of the amazing Keytar takes this to an even higher level.

G Clef Fusion Gets Ready To Bring His Own Experimental Fusion

After a string of EPs, G Clef Fusion is now ready to release his first full-length album QB1-OS on April 19th, 2022. The 15 track instrumental record is a diverse collection of rock, jazz, fusion, and progressive sounds. As we open with “Cicerone For A Sonder” we learn right away that we are in for something quite different. A wild assortment of sounds combine to fill the full spectrum of your speakers. 

A beat grabs right away on “Roche Radius” before a playful piano melody lifts the spirits, and energy. Layers of synths fill out the sound as it climbs and falls, keeping the interest fixed. “Just Might Be” starts off as a more traditional track with piano chords setting the base and tickled keys showing some elegance. More layers again build the track.

The funk side takes over on “Kismet Funk” with some deep bass tones coupled with some experimental and funky melodies turning it up. The steady beat keeps it going throughout. Full exploration of the experimental side can be heard on “B-Edsel Bulb.” Sounds have been modified to create heavy tones that grind away to paint a full picture. It all comes together in an organized energetic chaos.

The muse has hit G Clef Fusion hard and the promise of even more music has been made. Keep up with the innovative artist on his WEBSITE.

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