G Flip’s Debut Single ‘About You’ Introduces New Sub Genre to Pop Music

G Flip, or Georgia Flipo, is an up and coming pop artist from Melbourne, Australia. After years of hard work and dedication in pursuing a career in music, the young singer songwriter has released her debut single, titled “About You.”


G Flip has always had a passion for music, and has stated that she doesn’t make time for anything else. In school, even though she loved many aspects of the music making world, she gravitated towards playing the drums, inspired by her teacher. Upon finishing school, she spent some time traveling with another band as their drummer, before making the bold decision to attempt going solo.


G Flip Goes Solo


In order to give herself as much edge as she could, she spent an entire year holed up in her room, which she had converted into her own private music studio. There, she practiced her vocals, guitar, drums, and played around with computer generated synthesizers. She dedicates a few hours each day to giving guitar and piano lessons to aspiring musicians, in order to to encourage music for young children and to support herself financially. You can connect with G Flip and see her updates on her Facebook page.


In her new single, G Flip compiles the best of each of her musical talents into one beautiful, cohesive piece of art. The music video that she released for “About You” features her in her home, playing different instruments with psychedelic color shading and camera movement layered over her. One thing that sets this artist apart from many others is how raw and intimate of a place she is singing from, and she shares that in a shockingly honest way with fans.


She layers her own voice over the main track for added emphasis, which melds in a perfect, harmonious way with the electronic synthesizers throughout the piece. G Flip does an exceptional job balancing instrumentals with the computer generated sounds, without having either of them overshadow her moving vocals.

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