Gabriel Douglas from the4onthefloor is set to release his newest solo album Darker Still on December 21, 2020. The album was created by Gabriel Douglas (vocals, guitar, keyboard) and Kai Brewster (synth, keyboard) at Silverback Sound. 

Darker Still is different in comparison to the heavy bass, powerful vocals, and blues rock sound of the4onthefloor. In this project, Gabriel shows us his many musical interests by kicking it folk style.

The 9 track album features songs “Hearts Want”, “Get Up, Fed Up, Yup”, “Holding Patterns”, “Dark (instrumental)”, “How to Make A Home (Somebody To Call)”, “Morning’s Coming”, “I Want More (Make It Beautiful)”, “Making Changes (Making The Grade, Making You)”, and “Ain’t Gonna Fight (You Are Enough).” 

After listening to the album from start to finish 2 times, I think that it’s a beautifully stripped-down album. It’s relaxing, the lyrics are very well written.

Gabriel’s bellowing vocals and acoustic guitar make for the perfect accompaniments to the mellowness of the album. You can really hear and feel all of his emotions.

“Dark (Instrumental)” is the only instrumental track on the album, and is a perfect interlude. I’m not usually a fan of instrumentals, however I really enjoyed the way that the synth and keyboard combined create a very calming experience.

My personal favorite off this album is the last track “Ain’t Gonna Fight (You Are Enough).” About 2 minutes into the song we are hit with a super clean belt of the lyrics “you are enough” that gave me chills.

Overall I think that Darker Still is a great folk album and Gabriel Douglas definitely showed off his many talents. 

You can pre-save Darker Still here!

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