Gary Bonanni – Long Time Side Project Ready For Debut

When you are in a band or musical partnership there will be song ideas that come to you that may not be right for the current project.  These ideas may remain deep in your mind for years, but they never disappear.  For example, Gary Bonanni is in exactly this situation and is now releasing those songs on his own.

The multi-instrumentalist and songwriter has worked for the past ten years with wife and bandmate LiLach Bonanni in their Americana band called Just Married.  Through three albums and extended tours through the US, Canada, Europe, and Israel, Gary Bonanni has been developing music that didn’t quite fit the Just Married sound but still had a pull at his soul.  This personal musical style is influenced by rock from the 60’s and 70’s, any kind of Indie Rock, and 90’s guitar driven alt-rock.  Gary would record these songs but they would sit unreleased for years until producer Alon Lotringer had a listen.  Alon was impressed and offered to help mix some original songs in hopes of making a record for the side project.  

Gary Bonanni

The new project JackPotLuck released an EP on January 30th, 2016

The six song record represents a reflective time in his life where he sees the days of locking himself in his studio alone and spending countless hours crafting songs are coming to an end.  The opener “A Clown Around Here” features Gary Bonanni’s intriguing vocal style that draws in the listener for a closer listen.  You can hear the influence of the psychedelic Beatles days on “Ugly Garden”.  The raw sound of the guitar creates that realness of a real musician that a fan can relate too.  The folk storytelling lyrics take the lead on “Head Full Of Stone”.  A tiny smoky venue comes to mind with Gary playing in the corner.  The EP closes with the more rocking “The Feeling”.  The deep bass tone stands out in this slightly darker track.  

Take a listen to the full record for yourself at:

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