Yoko Ono Releases “Yes, I’m a Witch Too,” Epic Collab LP

Yoko Ono

The main characteristic of a counter-cultural icon is that they are constantly finding ways to adapt without stooping to conformity. New styles are explored and new methods are employed, but the driving vision and artistic integrity of such an individual never changes. Counter-culture icon Yoko Ono embodies this very principle with the release of her latest album, Yes, I’m a Witch Too.

Yoko Ono Still Going Strong

Ono’s album, released on February 19, features not only Ono’s timeless talent, but collaborations with other well-known artists such as Death Cab for Cutie and Moby. Ono also collaborates with her son, Sean Ono-Lennon and frontman of Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, on the eerie track “Dogtown.” The collective creativity in this album is almost unreal, and the result is both astonishingly eclectic and highly original.

Collaborating with New York DJ Danny Tenaglia in “Walking on Thin Ice,” Ono makes a bittersweet, orchestral piece with dreamy, psychedelic vocals and strings that all work together in a sentimental, grandiose fashion. Ono collaborates with glam band, Sparks, in “Give Me Something,” which sounds almost like a scene from an opera, with its sporadic, intense vocals and minimalist piano instrumentation.

“Approximately Infinite Universe” with Blow Up takes on a different style. The track is practically a classic rock song, with its grungy guitar solos and rhythmic clap percussion. Perhaps one of the most interesting collaborations is with Miike Snow in “Catman.” Ono and Snow share vocals in this song, which features Snow’s signature bizarre electronica influences and synthesized backup vocals.

Even if an artist is most famous during one era, it doesn’t mean they can’t be equally influential in other eras. Yoko Ono is no exception. The greatest artists are always relevant, and no matter what time they are in, or what time they come from, they will always have a hand in the shaping of current and future artistic movements.

To listen to Yoko Ono’s latest album on SoundCloud.

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