Gatton Brings Unity With Latest Single

Gatton Photo Credit: Sam Silver
Photo credit: Sam Silver

There’s no denying there’s a great deal of unrest throughout our country right now. Tensions have been at an all time high and more than ever people are craving unity and peace. Gatton, a musician and creative director, seeks to create unity with his music. He uses his poetic lyricism to show that we are all more alike than not, bringing us closer together with every melody. “Heroes, Hookers, Pastors, & Pilots” is the latest single from this inspiring creative.

Gatton has spent years seeking knowledge and insight on the human experience. That curiosity pushed him to interview people from every walk of life from doctors to influencers, widows, and the homeless. His interviews provided him with more understanding than he could have ever imagined. After hearing dozen’s of stories and reliving moments of great joy and sorrow with strangers it was evident that we are all more alike than we think.

Through different upbringings and setbacks, each story proved that the only thing we all truly want is to love and to be loved in return. “Heroes, Hookers, Pastors, & Pilots” is focused around that need for belonging.

Watch the video for “Heroes, Hookers, Pastors & Pilots” below

“..the song quickly transitions to become a letter written to “the heroes, hookers, pastors, pilots, murderers, and those who would never lie” encouraging them to recognize that we are more the same than different because at the end of the day…everybody cries.” – Gatton

“Heroes, Hookers, Pastors & Pilots” emits tranquility and it’s effects linger well after the song is over. Striped back acoustics allow for Gatton’s voice to take the spotlight, bearing his soul with every note. Gatton flips into his falsetto in the most perfect moments showcasing the vulnerability and delicacy that this single was made with.

There’s so much beauty and peace to be found within “Heroes, Hookers, Pastors & Pilots.” Both within the intricate and calming instrumentals and it’s message of unity. Gatton strives to reveal our shared humanity in everything that they create, and this track is a testament to that. For more inspiration and light in the darkness, be sure to keep up with Gatton’s journey.

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